Denver Therapist Collects An Extra $42,240 In New Client Revenue 7 Months

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Max 4 Minute Read

College does not prepare most professionals to run their own businesses after graduating. For therapists running a private practice is normally brand new territory.

If you run a private practice you know that it’s not the therapy portion of the business that is difficult (because that’s likely what you love doing), it’s the business portion that makes you want to pull your hair out.

Responding to inquiries, returning phone calls and messages, billing, notes, contacting clients, and the list goes on and on.

What would change in your life and business if you could remove a lot of those business administration responsibilities without completely dropping the ball?

How One Denver Therapist Scaled Her Practice With Less Stress

A licensed social worker and animal-assisted social worker in Denver, Colorado (who wanted to share her success while remaining anonymous) was only a year into her private practice when she realized things weren’t sustainable.

Potential therapy clients were rolling in from referrals, Psychology Today, and other sources but between sessions and admin work, opportunities were being missed.

While meeting with her Chisme success specialist for onboarding we knew the number one priority to help this therapy business scale was to automate the process of communicating with potential clients.

Automating Responses To Inquiries

With the right systems and automations in place, this therapist was able to capture over 50 new client inquiries that would have been missed!

As an independent private practice, a handful of extra therapy cases make a substantial impact on your total annual take-home pay.

With the newfound excitement from these additional captured opportunities, this therapy business owner decided to take her efforts one-step further.

In a Success Call with her Chisme Success Manager, she made the decision to put her business in front of more potential clients.

With the assistance of Chisme’s resources, she was able to successfully create and launch a Facebook advertising campaign that integrated directly with Chisme.

Within a few weeks, her pipeline (people lined up to become clients) was FULL…

Inquiries for therapy services come from a variety of different sources:

  • Psychology Today
  • Therapy Den
  • Referrals
  • Google My Business
  • Social Media
  • And more..

Responding to inquiries in a timely manner and managing them effectively is a difficult task for a busy professional who is in-session with clients most of the day and is tackling administrative work between sessions.

The result?

Opportunities to provide therapy that simply slip through the cracks.

Therapy is subject to the same principles of sales as all other industries. In this case, speed to lead is more important than ever. Those who inquire about your services are in the state of mind of wanting to receive help and the window to take action decreases as time goes on.

This Denver-based therapist was able to fill her practice with ideal clients because of the systems that automatically engaged with the potential clients at the most opportune time.

To make her life even easier, all of these conversations that were initiated by automations turned into meaningful conversations. Best of all, these conversations from different sources all took place in one convenient area.

Filling The Gaps With Ads

Whether a therapy practice is brand new, a group practice, or simply looking to fill some of the client gaps, ads are a powerful tool that can be used to attract the ideal client.

Being only about a year into her practice, this therapist decided to leverage the resources available as part of her Chisme subscription and run Facebook Ads to fill some of the gaps in her schedule.

While mileage with ads and conversion rate varies drastically on the person(s) doing the follow-up, this therapist was able to generate an additional $35,950 in collected revenue from Facebook Ads alone.

Breaking Down The Ads Numbers

Here’s a quick breakdown of the advertising campaign:

  • Total Amount Spend: $1,034.89
  • Total Leads: 56
  • New Clients: 10
  • Average Cost Per New Client Acquired: $103.48
  • Total Revenue Generated: $35,950

Factor in the additional leads she was able to close that were automatically engaged with from therapy directories, social media, and referrals in a matter of just 7 months this therapist was able to collect $42,240 in new client revenue.

More Results, Less Headache

Growing a therapy business does not mean that you (the business owner) have to take on more responsibility and allocate more time in order to grow.

In fact, the practices that tend to grow the fastest are therapy groups or practices with multiple therapists and the owners typically see a reduction in their overall workload as the therapists begin to work with clients and fill their schedules.

When you decide to scale your therapy practice we would love to show how the Chisme platform could make your life easier. After the scheduled call we’ll send you our Facebook Ads for Therapist Masterclass as a gift for checking out Chisme.



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