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Last Updated: January 23rd, 2023

Chisme is a software as a subscription service that requires a monthly fee in order to access. The subscription options are as follows:

  • Chisme Pro: $97/month or $970/year ($194 Savings / 17% Savings)
  • Chisme Premium: $297/month or $2,970/year ($594 Savings / 17% Savings)
  • [Update]: Price will increase to $139/month or $1,390/year ($278 Savings / 16.6% Savings)

Chisme is a pay-as-you-go service on a month-to-month basis. No contracts, cancel any time.

Upon activation of a Chisme trial, you will not be charged the chosen subscription fee before the free trial ends. Upon free trial activation there will be a charge to your credit or debit card in an amount of or near $1 as a proof of funds charge that will transact but will be refunded back into your account upon approval. Free trial does not include any additional costs incurred such as telephony and email fees.

As a user, you are responsible for self-cancellation, updating payment methods and managing your subscription. You can easily update your subscription or the card being used for your subscription by submitting an email to To update the card on file for telephony fees you can navigate to your account > Settings > Company Billing and updating your card.

Telephony & Email Usage

Telephony services such as phone calls, voicemails, sms (text messages) and WhatsApp messages incur fees billed to a balance on your account. Upon initial usage of telephony and email services your card on file will be billed $25 and retained as a balance on the account for which future fees are deducted against.

Should your balance threshold decrease below $10.00 your card will automatically be charged $25 to refill you balance. Accounts with high volume of usage may be subject to larger refill amounts as to reduce the number of refill transactions taking place on your card.

Usage costs can be viewed in your account by navigating to Settings > Company Billing.

You can view your credit balance any time under ‘Settings > Company Billing”. This charge is because of the text/call/email billing system set up as thresholds (so you do not get charged every individual text/call/email. As you begin sending texts/calls/emails, you will slowly see your remaining credit balance decrease as you send campaigns.

Thresholds for text/call/email billing can be customized inside of your “Settings > Company Billing” to your liking and work as so:

When a user preloads their account with X amount of dollars for text/call/email credits, when the included credits are surpassed it will begin to deduct credits until the price of using those credits hits a “threshold” that you set, you will then be re-charged based off of how much you set to be billed when your text/call/email credits dollar amount threshold is met.

Phone System

Fees for the usage of phone calls and text messages (SMS) are listed below. You will find a breakdown of your Phone System billing in your Company Billing in Chisme.

Making Calls Receiving Calls Text Messages Outbound MMS Inbound MMS
Charged to Customer $0.0168/minute $0.0102/minute $0.0095/segment (160 Characters) $.024 / MMS $.012 / MMS
$10 Will Give You About 595 Calls (Minutes) 980 Calls (minutes) 1055 Segments (160 Characters Per Segment) 416 MMS 833 MMS

A2P 10DLC refers to a system in the United States that allows businesses to send Application-to-Person (A2P) type messaging via standard 10-digit long code (10DLC) phone numbers. This system is specific to long code messaging toward the United States, and does not affect short codes or Toll-Free numbers sent to the US. A2p 10DLC related fees:

Other Fees Cost
A2P 10DLC Verification $22.50 (Per Submission)
Campaign Registration: Sole Prop $2 / Month
Campaign Registration: Standard $10 / Month
Low-Volume Mixed Use-Case $1.50 / Month
Special: 501(c)(3) Nonprofit $3 / Month
Special: Emergency Services $5 / Month

Carriers in the United States now charge additional fees for messages sent on registered A2P 10DLC campaigns. SMS carrier fees:

SMS Carrier Fee AT&T T-Mobile Verizon
Price Per Registered Outbound SMS Segment $0.002 $0.003 $0.003
Price Per Registered Outbound MMS Segment $0.0035 $0.01 $0.005
Price Per Unregistered Outbound SMS Segment
Price Per Unregistered Outbound MMS Segment

Other fees you may incur for phone system usage:

Other Fees Cost
Local Phone Numbers $1.08 - $3.55 / Month
Toll Free Numbers $2.05 - $3.55 / Month
Call Recording $0.0025 / Minute
Call Recording Storage $0.0005 / Minute / Month
Call Conferencing $0.0018 Participant / Per minute + plus Per-Minute Call Pricing
Carrier Lookups $0.01 / Lookup

Email System

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